Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sheep in a Den of Potential Lions

So January in my opinion is the best month to start off the New Year especially since I get to celebrate my birthday. This year I had the pleasure of enjoying my birthday with the great friends I have made in the Tulane Masters of Pharmacology Program. Other than the amazing day that was my birthday, January also marked the beginning of the second semester of the Masters of Pharmacology Program. The first block we focused on in T2 was neurology once again fortifying how amazing the brain is. One of my favorite classes this semester is Endocrine Pharmacology. We are currently focused on the human stress response and how chronic stress leads to many diseases and ultimately our downfall. This class appeals to me most not only because of the subject material, but also due to the discussions. Though we have had plenty of arguments and debates during Endocrine Pharmacology the insight each student brings provides great knowledge of how different people think. In the most recent class we all took a short test to determine whether we were Type A or Type B personalities. This resulted in my finding out that not only am I a Type B, but that I apparently have the lowest (most Type B) score in the class with a staggering 84. Some may call me a sheep (STEVE) in a den of potential lions; however I’d like to believe that I will live longer due to my low chronic stress response and 84 is a pretty great golf score.

…NUJI out and until the next month

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