Monday, October 31, 2016

Every Step Counts

This past month has gone by so fast. The unit on cardiovascular diseases was incredibly interesting to learn about, especially the development of new drug targets in the treatment of heart failure. I’m currently in the process of finishing my secondary applications for several Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine programs. It has been tough to answer secondary essay questions, however being able to reflect on all my experiences these past few years has further reassured me of why I am pursuing the path of medicine. Other than applications I have also continued to tutor at The New Orleans Charter Mathematics and Science High School. I have had the chance to do one on one tutoring with several students. Helping students understand and learn basic mathematics has been really interesting and fun. I’ve gotten to the point where the students feel comfortable enough to talk to me about things other than class as well. Being able to converse with these students about their concern at school as well as at home gives me a chance to reach out and understand what is best for each student. This type of relationship allows me to act as a sort of mentor for the kids, helping them through more than just a class.

NUJI out

October Hours:
Sci High: 3 Hours
Total Hours: 23 Hours