Friday, March 31, 2017

So once again I find myself writing this blog with little to say other than the fact that this semester has blown by. I feel like I have repeatedly said the same thing in all of my previous blog posts, so why stop now. All that’s left is one more test and a few more lectures. I do admit I never thought I would actually enjoy this program as much as I have. As graduation draws closer I have begun studying for the new MCAT. I honestly find this test the most terrifying and according to multiple sources the MCAT is more daunting than the USMLE’s. On a completely unrelated note I will be going to a wedding around mid April which will help take my mind off of more stressful things like the MCAT. Mardi Gras and Spring Break were a blast. We were able to go to the beach in Pensacola where I found my inner mermaidman. I almost got into a bar fight which was a first. I think my manly mustache attracts a little unwanted attention so it might be time to think about shaving it. I’m definitely going on a rant here since I don’t know what else to talk about. Endocrine pharmacology has been one of the more enjoyable classes so far. We are able to discuss tons of cool stuff. Now I’m just saying generically nice things about class to meet my two hundred fifty word blog post, which is actually why I spelled out the number.


Volunteer Hours
March: 10 hours

Total Hours: 28 Hours