Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Volunteer Hours: 5 Hours
Spring Semester Hours: 33 Hours
2016-2017 Hours: 63 Hours

So this is the end. What a ride. I can’t believe it’s already over. It has truly been a blast. Volunteering at KIPP and Sci High with everyone was incredibly fun and interactive. Going out with my classmates and enjoying everything that New Orleans has to offer was spectacular. I can’t even begin to describe how great this year was. I look forward to hearing about all of my classmates succeeding in all their endeavors and most of all keeping in touch with all of them. To all the professors that took time out of their busy schedules to make this program possible my hat goes off to all of you. Thank you so much for creating an opportunity for all of us to thrive and learn. This past year will not go to waste. With everything said and done I believe that the connections made in this program will last a lifetime. I feel truly grateful to everyone that I met and became friends with or even enemies… not actually enemies just kidding. The blog has been a great tool to reflect on the months as they have gone by. From Mardi Gras to BUKU Fest to JAZZ Fest to the zurich classic. It’s been quite the journey. To all my classmates that let me sleep and rest on y’alls couches and beds thank you for opening up your homes to me. I definitely never felt like a hobo even if I smelled like one from time to time.


Friday, March 31, 2017

So once again I find myself writing this blog with little to say other than the fact that this semester has blown by. I feel like I have repeatedly said the same thing in all of my previous blog posts, so why stop now. All that’s left is one more test and a few more lectures. I do admit I never thought I would actually enjoy this program as much as I have. As graduation draws closer I have begun studying for the new MCAT. I honestly find this test the most terrifying and according to multiple sources the MCAT is more daunting than the USMLE’s. On a completely unrelated note I will be going to a wedding around mid April which will help take my mind off of more stressful things like the MCAT. Mardi Gras and Spring Break were a blast. We were able to go to the beach in Pensacola where I found my inner mermaidman. I almost got into a bar fight which was a first. I think my manly mustache attracts a little unwanted attention so it might be time to think about shaving it. I’m definitely going on a rant here since I don’t know what else to talk about. Endocrine pharmacology has been one of the more enjoyable classes so far. We are able to discuss tons of cool stuff. Now I’m just saying generically nice things about class to meet my two hundred fifty word blog post, which is actually why I spelled out the number.


Volunteer Hours
March: 10 hours

Total Hours: 28 Hours

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

When Health Meets Mardi Gras

So the Month of February marked the beginning of our preparation for Mardi Gras festivities. I will readily admit that this is probably the most unhealthy time of year to spend in New Orleans due to the excessive amounts of eating and drinking. Only a few of the students in the program have been able to make it to the last day of Fat Tuesday. As I have always said Mardi Gras is a marathon not a sprint. So today is Fat Tuesday so myself and the few students left plan to celebrate the night in spectacular Mardi Gras fashion. Other than the excitement of Mardi Gras earlier this month a set of devastating tornadoes struck New Orleans East leaving a path of destruction in their wake. In response myself and a group students got together and volunteered with red cross disaster relief. Our role during this time was to perform assessments of any homes that sustained damage and report these results to red cross for use by other agencies such as FEMA. With this I mark the end of February and head out to celebrate the end of yet another unhealthy and exciting Mardi Gras.

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Peace Out NUJI

Volunteer Hours

Red Cross: 18 hours

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sheep in a Den of Potential Lions

So January in my opinion is the best month to start off the New Year especially since I get to celebrate my birthday. This year I had the pleasure of enjoying my birthday with the great friends I have made in the Tulane Masters of Pharmacology Program. Other than the amazing day that was my birthday, January also marked the beginning of the second semester of the Masters of Pharmacology Program. The first block we focused on in T2 was neurology once again fortifying how amazing the brain is. One of my favorite classes this semester is Endocrine Pharmacology. We are currently focused on the human stress response and how chronic stress leads to many diseases and ultimately our downfall. This class appeals to me most not only because of the subject material, but also due to the discussions. Though we have had plenty of arguments and debates during Endocrine Pharmacology the insight each student brings provides great knowledge of how different people think. In the most recent class we all took a short test to determine whether we were Type A or Type B personalities. This resulted in my finding out that not only am I a Type B, but that I apparently have the lowest (most Type B) score in the class with a staggering 84. Some may call me a sheep (STEVE) in a den of potential lions; however I’d like to believe that I will live longer due to my low chronic stress response and 84 is a pretty great golf score.

…NUJI out and until the next month