Thursday, December 1, 2016

The unit on Pulmonary diseases was incredibly interesting to learn about, especially the development of new drug targets. I’m currently waiting to hear back about interviews for medical schools, which is pretty stressful. Having had the experience of shadowing a DO physician in a primary care setting was incredibly insightful. Being able to learn the differences between MDs and DOs has helped me understand that a career in Osteopathic Medicine can provide the same benefits as Allopathic Medicine. Other than waiting to hear back about interviews I have also continued to tutor at The New Orleans Charter Mathematics and Science High School. Tutoring and helping students understand and learn basic mathematics has been a great experience so far. Volunteering at KIPP has also been great. Helping with the weekly needs of running the school has given me a greater understanding of how school administrations work. Thanksgiving break was a lot of fun in New Orleans. I had the chance to have a thanksgiving meal with several students from the program that stayed in New Orleans. Other than this I’m looking forward to the Pharmacology party coming up this December and to finishing off the semester strong with our final block.

NUJI out

November Hours
KIPP: 4 hours
Sci High: 3 hours

Total Hours: 30 hours

Monday, October 31, 2016

Every Step Counts

This past month has gone by so fast. The unit on cardiovascular diseases was incredibly interesting to learn about, especially the development of new drug targets in the treatment of heart failure. I’m currently in the process of finishing my secondary applications for several Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine programs. It has been tough to answer secondary essay questions, however being able to reflect on all my experiences these past few years has further reassured me of why I am pursuing the path of medicine. Other than applications I have also continued to tutor at The New Orleans Charter Mathematics and Science High School. I have had the chance to do one on one tutoring with several students. Helping students understand and learn basic mathematics has been really interesting and fun. I’ve gotten to the point where the students feel comfortable enough to talk to me about things other than class as well. Being able to converse with these students about their concern at school as well as at home gives me a chance to reach out and understand what is best for each student. This type of relationship allows me to act as a sort of mentor for the kids, helping them through more than just a class.

NUJI out

October Hours:
Sci High: 3 Hours
Total Hours: 23 Hours

Friday, September 30, 2016

Moving Forward

So another month down in the program and it only feels like a week has gone by. It has been a pretty awesome semester so far and I can only see it getting better. Another block exam has gone by but this one was definitely harder than the last. Other than the program I have continued to volunteer at KIPP. We have been able to help the teachers better equip their classrooms with the proper supplies for their students. Other than volunteering at KIPP I have also had the distinct pleasure of beginning to volunteer as a tutor at The New Orleans Charter Mathematics and Science High School. I am currently helping students in Algebra I through different problem sets in class. I also have the chance to talk to the students about how important and cool science and math can be. I feel like this really gives the students a chance to see what they can accomplish through higher learning. I have also been coordinating with the teacher to get a better grasp of what exactly she would like the students to accomplish and which students need the most attention going forward. Other than the volunteering and school New Orleans has been an absolute blast.

Until next month NUJI out

September Hours:
KIPP: 6 hours
Sci High: 2 hours
Total Hours: 20 hours

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

When the Going Gets Tough...

It’s been almost two months now and so much has already happened. We are two block exams deep into our Masters of Pharmacology program and we are swiftly moving forward. I have been fortunate enough to have had the chance to volunteer at KIPP in New Orleans, a college preparatory public charter school, for two Fridays so far. The experience has been amazing, allowing us to help in even the smallest ways. We have helped distribute essential school supplies and reading aids to each classroom, so that each student is given the right tools and the best chance to help them excel.

During the month of August our neighboring city, Baton Rouge, was tragically affected by massive flooding leaving thousands of homes devastated. In an effort to help in any way we could a group of students from the Pharmacology program got together to help in any way we could. We all carpooled up to Baton Rouge to help gut and clean a house through the Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and NOLA Tree Project. The experience was surreal; as we drove through the devastated neighborhoods I was reminded of the destruction I had seen when coming back to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. By the end of our time volunteering we had knocked out all the drywall, stripped the wood paneling from the walls, and the removed the rubber tiling on the floors to help expose and stop mold growth. I definitely learned a lot more about housing demolition and repair than I ever thought I would. 

Overall these two months have been epic and there is so much more to look forward to.

Nuji out.

August Volunteer Hours:
KIPP 08/12/16 and 08/26/16: 4 hours
Mutual Aid Disaster Relief and NOLA Tree Project 08/28/16: 8 hours
Total Hours: 12 hours