Thursday, December 1, 2016

The unit on Pulmonary diseases was incredibly interesting to learn about, especially the development of new drug targets. I’m currently waiting to hear back about interviews for medical schools, which is pretty stressful. Having had the experience of shadowing a DO physician in a primary care setting was incredibly insightful. Being able to learn the differences between MDs and DOs has helped me understand that a career in Osteopathic Medicine can provide the same benefits as Allopathic Medicine. Other than waiting to hear back about interviews I have also continued to tutor at The New Orleans Charter Mathematics and Science High School. Tutoring and helping students understand and learn basic mathematics has been a great experience so far. Volunteering at KIPP has also been great. Helping with the weekly needs of running the school has given me a greater understanding of how school administrations work. Thanksgiving break was a lot of fun in New Orleans. I had the chance to have a thanksgiving meal with several students from the program that stayed in New Orleans. Other than this I’m looking forward to the Pharmacology party coming up this December and to finishing off the semester strong with our final block.

NUJI out

November Hours
KIPP: 4 hours
Sci High: 3 hours

Total Hours: 30 hours

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